K Series Break Device

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  • Available in 4 variants
  • K50B
  • K54B
  • K57B
  • K59B

The K Series Break Device ensures that there is no possibility of sparks being transferred during contact closure and opening. It is a fully enclosed break device with a similar external structure to existing K series products (1.5mm higher).


R600a is the prefered refrigerant fluid in domestic household appliances. R600a is potentially an explosive gas at concentrations between 1.8% and 8.4%. The K series Break devices ensure no sparks are transferred during contacts closure and opening.

Standards compliance

CQST China (file No. CNEx06.0214X) CQC China (CQC06002015929) VDE Germany (file No. 40007067)—Nov.17 2005 K59B VDE Germany (file No. 40007067)—extension to K50B, K54B, K57B, Feb.14 2007