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paragon defrost timer
  • Invensys Paragon.
  • Defrost timer.
  • Residential and commercial refrigeration application.

The Invensys Paragon defrost timer is an electromechanical control used on both residential and commercial refrigeration, to activate for a certain time a defrost cycle, and repeat it according to a given sequence.



  • Single cam which activates a SPDT switch.
  • Light weight, less then 90 grams.
  • Can be assembled in every position.
  • Patented snap fit design, eliminates external screws or rivets.
  • Internal clutch mechanism.
  • Requires no earth grounding.

The Invensys paragon defrost timer is a single cam control which activates a SPDT switch. Its cycle consists of transferring the switch for a preset duration once every certain hours.

Both the operating cycle and switch transfer duration are pre-set at the factory, not adjustable. An internal clutch mechanism permits initial adjustment of the cycle starting time.