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  • Compact, robust housing
  • Easy installation
  • Ice Bank, Ice Differential and Liquid Level versions

E37 controls are available in several versions with a choice of two - or three - electrode sensing and SPST or SPDT output relay.
All versions sense the electrical conductivity between a set of electrodes and change the state of the output switch in accordance with a change in conductivity.
Stainless steel electrodes are used and L56 sensors have been specifically designed to be compatible with E37 controls.
The electrodes can be used to measure the thickness of ice or control the level of liquids.



Ice Bank and Ice Differential controls make it possible for a relatively small refrigeration system to supply large refrigeration capacity for limited periods of time. Such systems include milk coolers, automatic vending machines, counter dispensers, beer coolers etc.

Liquid Level versions can accurately and reliably regulate upper and lower levels of electrically conductive liquids (i.e. water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, milk, etc.). They can also operate high or low-level alarms or be used for level detection in pipeline applications.