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4-Way Reversing Valves.210x140.jpg
  • Wide Application Range
  • High Reliability
  • Minimum Pressure Drop
  • Low Leakage Risk
  • UL Approved

The 4-way Reversing Valve is the key component to provide Heating and Cooling from the system to the air conditioned space by reversing the flow direction of refrigerant.
It is used at room air conditioners, packaged and central air conditioners.
The reversing Valves are designed for Heat Pump Systems with capacity from 3kW to 580kW.
They are suitable for most refrigerants as R407C - R410A - R134A.



These solenoid operated Reversing Valves are slide type, 4-way with a 4-way Pilot valve and operate under the full pressure of the heat pump system.
The valves are used on unitary, split system, and window-type heat pump applications. There are six different styles designed to meet your particular system need.

RANCO offers Type LDK and LDL solenoid coils for use with the entire range of RANCO Heat Pump Reversing Valves. These color coded epoxy encapsulated, continuous duty, moisture resistant magnetic coils are designed to operate the pilot valve controlling the RANCO Reversing Valves.