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The G60/63 range of pressure cut-outs is designed to protect refrigeration systems against critical conditions by setting high or low pressure limits.
The G60 low pressure cut-out protects the compressor against low suction pressures where there is a danger of liquid refrigerant entering the compressor and causing damage.
The G63 high pressure cut-out protects the system against excessive discharge pressure which can be dangerous and cause expensive equipment damage.



G60 low pressure
Working range: fixed within the range; 10” Hg in vacuum conditions, 100 psi (–0.35…7 bar).
Reset mode: automatic reset and manual reset (only for pressure increase).
Maximum fixed pressure: 290 psi (20 bar), diaphragm 0.076 mm; 510 psi (35 bar), diaphragm 0.1/0.15 mm.
Burst pressure: 1015 psi (70 bar), diaphragm 0.076 mm; 2030 psi (140 bar), diaphragm 0.1/0.15 mm.

G63 high pressure
Working range: fixed within the range 100…450 psi (7…31 bar).
Reset mode: automatic reset and manual reset (only for pressure decrease).
Maximum fixed pressure: 510 psi (35 bar).
Burst pressure: 2030 psi (140 bar).


Technical Specifications of G60, G63

Typical data
Differential: setting functions, see graphics.
Coolants: compatible with all coolants and non corrosive gases.
Ambient/switch head temperature range: –3…55 °C.
Maximum temperature of compressor head: 135 °C.
Temperature range of the shipping environment: –30…70 °C. Switch: SPDT or SPST
Switch power: a) 6(6)A 250V, b) 10FLA(40LRA) at 120 Vac if used as SPST on both contacts, c) 10FLA(40LRA) with a load of 120 Vac 1(1)A on the opposite contact if used as SPDT, d) 5A at 12 Vdc (inductive).
Markings on the switch: 1 common, 2 cut-off for pressure increase, 3 cut-off for pressure decrease.

Other Data
Working limits indoors: IEC529, protection standard against dirt and humidity.
Version with automatic reset button: IP00 with 6.3 mm tag terminals, protection class IP44, protection class IP66 and sealing disk.
Version with manual reset button: IP44 with visible reset button, IP66 with covered reset button.
Insulation material: thermoplastic, flame class UL94V1, resistance to traction ranging from KC400 to VDE0303.
Certifications: controls are compliant with all European, U.L. and C.S.A requirements. Additional details are available on request.
Performance limits of the differential: several differentials, depending on switches.